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Global Justice
There is a Source of all creation which has endowed the absolute values of Truth, Love, Justice and Goodness which represent the ultimate ends of human actions. Many people call this Source, God.
All people are raised and live in total interdependence in a sequence of time and as such are entitled to:

• have warmth, clean air, medicine, clean water, food and housing
• be respected, equal, free and able to choose their own destiny
• fulfil their full emotional, intellectual and spiritual potential
• have implemented the five Justices:– Monetary Justice, Social Justice, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice and Peace Justice.

Respect The Earth
As a trustee of a delicate biosphere whose carrying capacity we have a duty of care to sustain, every person must respect the rest of creation and take responsibility for preserving the environment including the fauna and flora all of which are interdependent and share a divine origin with humanity.

Abundance Is Possible
The rights of the individual include the rights of liberty, secure incomes, access to productive property through an expansion of capital ownership and trusteeship, access to the commons, free markets, and the secret ballot, while the responsibilities of the individual include a continual concern for the rights and interests of others.

Creative Work For All
There is a hierarchy of human work: The lowest but most urgent form of work is for sheer personal survival. The highest form of work is improving the social order including relationships with others and doing work the soul must have.

Economic Democracy
True political democracy can only be built on the foundation of true economic democracy. It is the duty of democratic government to secure the results the people want from the management of their public affairs as far as such results are physically possible and morally right.
Whatever is physically possible is financially possible through appropriate democratic and just transformations of society’s economic institutions.

Remember – the world has the technology and productive resources to eliminate misery, poverty and injustice and save the planet.

So let’s demand the Five Justices!

Monetary Justice

Social Justice
Economic Justice
Environmental Justice
Peace Justice

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Global Justice – the true, fair, democratic and efficient solution to poverty. Global Justice means Inclusive Justice!