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Introductory Note
Global Justice
supporters tend to be people with links to other organisations, including organisations abroad. In the USA, for example, is the Center for Economic and Social Justice in Washington, D.C. which, with members in 31 countries, attracts support from faiths all over the world – Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, you name it, they have it.

In its continual output of new ideas and proposals CESJ has put itself at the confluence of progressive thinkers who realise that, since jobs are insecure, often poorly paid, not always available and, in any case, not all people can labour, the way forward for the bulk of the population can only be through capital ownership. The object of that ownership is to ensure a basic income for all and a major Statement of Shared Vision (already getting thousands of signatures) has been drawn up by CESJ President Norm Kurland and Shann Turnbull. Shann is the Australian fighter for justice and author of Democratising the Wealth of Nations and other works proposing the use of interest-free money for wide capital ownership, and the reform of company structures including stakeholder councils.

Statement of Shared Vision
Towards a More Free and Just Global Economy

With great pleasure we present for your serious consideration and support a "Statement of Shared Vision" that was jointly developed by Shann Turnbull, the Australian author of "Democratizing the Wealth of Nations", and Norman Kurland, an advocate of the late Louis Kelso's ideas for reaching the same goal as expressed in Shann's title. If you agree to become a signatory to this statement, we ask you also to make a concerted effort to get at least 10 others in your personal and professional networks around the world to join as signatories and make a similar commitment. In this "each one reach ten" approach we will achieve the critical mass of positive people power needed to build a better world for ourselves and future generations.

The names of all the signatories will be posted weekly on the web site of the Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ) at As soon as 10,000 signatories worldwide sign our "Statement of Shared Vision" and join our movement for raising the level of justice in the global economic order, we will convene a global conference in Washington, D.C. At the conference we will explore alternative ideas, economic systems, global strategies and the most effective ways and means to achieve our shared vision consistent with universal principles of human rights. If you agree to join this bottom-up grassroots initiative for creating a more prosperous and just world for all, please add your name and contact data to the bottom of the statement and return it by e-mail at or by fax at 703-243-5935.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Norm Kurland
Center for Economic and Social Justice - CESJ Web:

Shann Turnbull

The Statement

Having entered the third millennium, new ideas are emerging on how to overcome:–

• Widespread poverty, hunger and homelessness
• The growing wealth gap between the richest 1% and the remaining 99% of humanity
• The growing fear of technological change and its impact on the global environment and the quality of life at the family and community levels
• The rising sense of powerlessness and alienation among the young toward traditional leadership and basic institutions of human society
• The growing levels of corruption and crime resulting from concentrated power
• The proliferating violence and deprivation of human rights – at the family, community and global levels.

We mutually acknowledge the reality of these concerns and agree that none of the traditional approaches – from the left to the right of the political spectrum – can adequately address these social ills.

We therefore join together seeking a new, more liberating and just economic system that will promote human dignity and bring about genuine economic empowerment, security and self-determination for every member of the human family. This is our shared vision.

Further, we agree that the critical means to attain these goals within the emerging global marketplace will require:–

• The elevation of full participation in future productive asset ownership as a universal and fundamental human right
• The democratization of credit to spread widely the ownership of self-financing productive assets and other basic economic reforms as appropriate means for closing the wealth gap between the rich and the non-rich
• New policies and laws that lift the non-rich without depriving the rich of fundamental human rights.

In solidarity with our shared vision and goals, we hereby acknowledge our support for universal access to productive asset ownership as a fundamental human right. While respecting possible differences, we will strive to work together whenever possible and to promote dialogues, debates and conferences in which all can participate.

Having read the above Statement of Shared Vision, I hereby acknowledge my support and give permission to publish my name with other signatories.


This link takes you to the appropriate page on the website of the Centre for Economic and Social Justice, Washington DC, where you can directly SIGN THE STATEMENT - to reach the front of the CESJ website (as mentioned above) CLICK HERE