Global Justice Movement

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in a vision - of Global Justice - and the diverse actions it inspires.

There are three options, Discuss, Join and Donate.
You can choose all three options and amend your status at any time. To contact us for any reason not covered by the other options on this page, press


A Discussion Forum was set up which delivered emails to your own in-box either as they come or in a daily digest. Alternatively you could review messages periodically on this website. The list was open to everyone and encouraged fair, open discussion but, for the good of everybody, we asked contributors to keep "on topic", to refrain from making personal attacks on other contributors, to avoid negativity, and in general to behave reasonably at all times.

The future of the Discussion List is under review, but you can still SUBSCRIBE by entering your email address into the form on DISCUSS



Due to the level of false entries by spammers we had to suspend the automated method of joining this list - watch this space for further details how to join.

Joining means you support Global Justice and will try to promote and implement the ideas and policies of the Global Justice Movement, in particular drawing them to the attention of others. To join, all you need to do is just give a few simple particulars. Names are published on this website because those who have already joined need to know that you, too, are with them. Email addresses will not be displayed and you do not have to provide a description of yourself or your organisation (if any).

Those who have joined will receive occasional mailings about events, key papers and major news. However, at any time, you can look at News, Campaigns, Events and Articles on the website and can visit the Discussion Forum to take part in, or follow, the debate as it develops. With your permission, important comments you make or papers you send, may be posted on this website.

You are welcome to attend Wednesday meetings of the London Global Table (see latest picture below, from 12.30pm, in the cafeteria of Friends House, opposite Euston station, London NW1) but please contact the Administrator to say you are coming, and we will publicise details of other meetings in the UK or elsewhere when we hear about them.


The purpose of the Global Justice Movement is to promote in every way the ideas and policies of Global Justice. GJM work is generally voluntary but some work has to be paid for and there is a limit to the expenses which individuals can reasonably be expected to bear. There are two main areas of expense:-

a) Setting-up, maintenance and expansion costs of website. Much technical expertise and effort was needed to set up the site and it will continue to evolve. Those who have done the work so far have agreed to do it for only a fraction of the commercial cost which has mostly not yet been paid. Moreover, the website will require periodic re-construction and constant weekly, even daily, maintenance.

b) Attendance at conferences, meetings, media interviews, purchase of materials including GJM books. It is important that GJM ideas and policies should be promoted through conferences, meetings and media interviews etc. with the best available materials which include GJM books. Some of our speakers/attendees have already had their basic conference expenses (including travel) paid by host organisations but such payment is likely to remain the exception rather than the rule.

Other areas of expenditure: Apart from a) and b) above, there may arise a need for other areas of expenditure. These will be declared if and when they arise. All donated monies are put into a GJM bank account. Main headings and amounts of expenditure (including sums due to be paid, but not yet paid) are listed on this website so that GJM donors will have a reasonable idea of how their money is being spent.

If you would like to support the GJM, please contact the Administrator, who will advise on our new format for receiving donations.