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Making poverty history

The largest ever UK coalition, of charities, trade unions and campaigning groups is issuing a challenge this month to the Prime Minister to commit the government to eliminating world poverty.

Singer Robbie Williams, comedians Dawn French and Stephen Fry, comic actor Martin Freeman and television presenter June Sarpong are just a few of the British stars who have joined the world wide campaign MAKE POVERTHISTORY. Every day 30,000 people die of extreme poverty while 1 billion people live on less than $1 a day. Unjust trade rules cost poor countries nearly $700 billion a day. MAKE POVERTY HISTORY is asking the government to make trade fairer, to write off the crippling debt that devastates developing countries and give more, and better, aid.

2005 provides a unique opportunity for the UK government to play a central role in eradicating poverty. In July Britain hosts the G8, a meeting of the world's eight most powerful leaders and from July to December, the UK will takes its turn to lead the European Union.

• You can show their support by wearing special white armbands, available from Oxfam shops or by visiting

• And by writing to Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA or emailing him via


My heart is moved by all I cannot save;
so much has been destroyed
I have to caste my lot with those
who age by age, perversely,
with no extraordinary power,
reconstitiute the world.'

from Natural Resources by Adrienne Rich 1977

COMER: The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform
The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) monitors and evaluates economic and monetary policy through education, information, and suggestions of monetary and economic alternatives. Critique of monetary policies, economic theory; solutions. Tutorials on 'economics', 'banks', 'globalization'. Articles, pamphlets, newsletters.

COMER is an international publishing and education resource based in Toronto Canada, and is comprised of people who are concerned about the destabilization current economic and monetary policies have caused. COMER argues for --prices in a mixed economy (economic reform); and advocates for changes in monetary policy (monetary reform).
Drop the Debt
CAFOD - drop the debt - Drop the Debt now! After the G8 failed to deliver a new deal on debt this campaign oursues the issue in an enlarging coalition.
Complementary and Local Currencies
Many forms of these are now being developed all over the world, for example Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS). These currencies are issued when needed for trading by individuals, not banks and are are non-interest-bearing.
Fair Trade is about paying poor producers a fair price, and helping them gain the necessary skills and knowledge to develop their businesses their own way . Fair Trade seeks equitable and sustainable production and trade. In particular, it opposes the subsidies given to farmers in developed countries which, together with the dumping of subsidised over-production, prevents the farmers in undeveloped countries from competing, indeed, destroys their livelihoods.

THE TRADE JUSTICE MOVEMENT is a fast growing coalition of more than 60 organisations campaigning for fundamental change to the unjust rules and institutions governing international trade: concerned with the impact of international trade rules on the poorest.
Labour Land Campaign
Land and natural resources are our common inheritance and should be shared by everyone. This can be achieved by valuing all land and charging the full rental value to owners. Land rent represents at least 25% of GNP. Imagine what that could do to redistribute wealth and income.'
Meet with Others
to find out more about problems and solutions to the monetary debate - at the Forum for Stable Currencies, which meets at the House of Lords in London
Oppose Monetocracy
World Democracy Network [WDN] | Global Monetocracy - operational instruments; and the alternative in democracy achieved in complex system insights. In common with any purposeful human system, the Global Monetocracy can adapt to changes in its environment.
Stop Poisoning for Profit
An exponential increase in diseases ranging from asthma, ME, gulf war syndrome, and multiple-chemical sensitivity to cancer, is related to contamination of the environment. Web pages to watch:
The Tobin Tax
An international organization working to introduce Tobin-type tax and opposing free trade,

The World Bank Boycott
1. An end to structural adjustment and related policies of privatisation and austerity.
2. 100% debt cancellation for impoverished nations and illegitimate debt.
3. A stop to World Bank support for environmentally destructive projects, especially oil, gas, mining and dam projects.

World Bank BONDS Boycott
The divestment movement helped break the power of the Apartheid regime over South Africa; so we support the boycott of World Bank bonds.
Description: News, background, materials, and information on the international campaign using grassroots financial opportunities..