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NB. The GJM promotes new thinking to benefit all economies and societies.
It has nothing to do with 'investment opportunities' and the like,
purporting to make use of interest-free loans in some way.
Such 'opportunities' are only too likely to be ponzi schemes and scams.


Global Justice Grows From Within
It starts with endogenous money and ends with peace...

Global Justice
is the new paradigm and has five inter-related components: Monetary Justice,

Social Justice, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, and Peace Justice.

Together with the Global Justice Movement Principles, the five Justices give:-

Secure incomes for all, including pensions
created by new technology and new investment
Capital ownership for all
individual capital estates provide secure income
Public capital investment
at half the present cost
A huge reduction in debt
personal, corporate and national
A proper deal for women
ensures independent income
Safeguarding the environment sustainable resource use 
and thus

All these add up to a genuine democracy (unlike the travesty we have today). The underlying cause of present troubles is that the ‘free market’ system of finance capitalism is un-free, un-fair, un-democratic and very inefficient. It can, however, be made truly free, truly fair, truly democratic and, for the long-term benefit of all, truly efficient.

It’s no good merely being against globalisationlet's be FOR genuine democracy with its Inclusive Justice!

Global Justice is endogenous!
We demand an increase in endogenous and a decrease in exogenous money

Invite your friends and - Start here! - to mobilise for Justice

DROP the DEBT - fifty years is enough! SUSTAIN THE PLANET!

Moreover,  the GJM and the London Global Table (being informal associations of like-minded
wanting to promote social and economic justice and monetary reform) are not formally
constituted bodies capable of making contracts either as a whole or via individuals.
If GJM and Table members make any contract it is in their personal capacity.

Note: This web site is the overall Global Justice site providing a comprehensive intellectual and moral framework for the Global Justice Movement. Other Global Justice sites have a more limited focus. Stemming from, for example, binary economics, social credit, monetary reform, community currencies or peace organisations they, in practice, tend to promote only part, rather than all, of the GJM solution. Too narrow a focus, moreover, stifles co-operation with others.

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